Virtual tours for real estate agents

Virtual Tours: the next step for real estate

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Sellers want to market their property in the most beautiful way. The demands by property buyers have also increased, in particular due to the ever improving online experiences they have in other parts of the internet. Hence it seems that traditional photography, made with great care and presented in a beautiful way, is no longer sufficient.

We’ve considered many applications, but Virtual Tours is according to us the best answer: beautiful Virtual Reality presentations with HD 360 photography and 4K video, accessible form any platform.

Virtual Tours, the most immersive way to present your property

With a virtual tour, you can ‘move’ through the property using your normal computer, your tablet or mobile phone or VR glasses. From room to room, through the garden and the rest of the property, also viewing beautiful drone shots. Accesible for everybody, so not only the (still) small group of VR glasses owners

The advantages for real estate agents are evident: only the very serious prospects do want a viewing, making the process much more efficient. For the seller, Virtual Tours allow them to market their property in a much immersive way. Buyers do like these tours as it gives them a much better impression of the property and they can see this from anywhere in the world.

The Amsterdam VR Company is the first company in The Netherlands offering Virtual Tours. The results and reactions of real estate agents in the U.S., mainly operating in the luxury segment, has been very positive as it allowed them to differentiate from competitors .

For more information, please call Johan Jongkind at +31 6 34989250.




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