360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl

Nominated for Oscar, winners at the Emmy’s

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Also in Hollywood, in the motion pictures, VR is sed. This week, Google was the first to be nominated with a VR movie/animation for an Oscar:  ‘360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl‘, a 6-minute animation about a father-daughter roodtrip. Of course, the best way to view this are the VR glasses, but you can also watch it in the normal way on  YouTube.

360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl
Eerste VR nominatie voor een Oscar: 360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl 2

Winning VR movies by Oculus

Not an Oscar nomination, however they won at the Emmy’s, so definately worthwhile viewing. By the Oculus team, two beautiful VR movies: Henry en Sleepy Hollow. They are on Youtube, but it’s to watch them via the Oculus app on your mobile phone.

Oculus: Sleepy Hollow
Prachtig project van het Oculus team: Sleepy Hollow. Ook een Emmy-winnaar.


Oculus Henry
Henry – prijswinnende (Emmy) animatie van Oculus



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