Microsoft Hololens - Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens indrukwekkend toegepast

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Microsoft is a leader in the VR area with its impressive Hololens technology. It attracted extensive media coverage when it was demonstrated in the gaming dream with Minecraft, but in this video it’s shown how the technology can be used in the medical area. Microsoft and the Cape Western University show how the training of medical students can be improved using Mixed Reality, seeing the anatomy and how the different organs work in a stunning way.

Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft Hololens HMD (head-mounted-display)


It will change anatomy lessons forever. No longer students have to train on cadavers. How this technology can be used in other training areas is self-evident.

[vc_video title=”Microsoft Hololens for medical training” link=”″]


Added on 4 February:

Based on its pricing and the type of glasses, we think these Microsoft glasses will only used for very specific applications and mainly in the B2B area. The first application we see here in The Netherlands is a very useful one: fall prevention for the elderly. Please look at this video: link. At the website of Nursing there’s more background on this very useful VR application.

Hololens iin healthcare in The Netherlands
Hololens iin healthcare in The Netherlands



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