Spaces Amsterdam – Virtual Tours

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Beautiful offices, beautiful virtual tours

Spaces is known for its beautiful offices and workplaces. A large network has since been established in all major business centers of the world.

To allow potential customers to experience this even better, The Amsterdam VR Company has been asked to make a number of virtual tours of their locations.

These tours are accessible through their website, but are offered through Google (which is also good for its search engine ranking).

Virtuele rondleiding - Spaces Amstel

Virtual tour increases conversion

The virtual tour is not a goal in itself. Online is an important sales channel for Spaces. Many potential customers orient themselves online during the sales process.

In the Analytics, Spaces sees a clear correlation between doing the virtual tour and the conversion to a Spaces subscription.

Step by step, a virtual tour is now being added online to each location.

Virtuele rondleiding - Spaces Keizersgracht
Spaces Keizersgracht - work places for Spaces members

Unexpected (work)places

Although we ourselves also work from Spaces and know the locations fairly well, we too were pleasantly surprised a number of times.

Both at the location on the Keizersgracht and at the Amstel station there appears to be a beautiful roof terrace. These terraces are accessible for every Spaces member.

Virtuele rondleiding - Spaces Amstel
Spaces Amstel - roof terrace (accessible for all Spaces members)

Certified virtual tour

The Amsterdam VR Company is ‘Google certified’. This means that we meet Google's qualitative and technical requirements in this area.

Furthermore, we also have access to the Google system to upload and organize the virtual tour in their system.

Photographer Trusted By Google
The Amsterdam VR Company has been certified by Google for its 360 photography. With our high res 360 photos we make beautiful and inspiring Virtual Tours for any property or holiday destination.

The virtual tour of Spaces Amstel, please find it here on the website and here at Google.

The virtual tour of Spaces Keizersgracht, please find it here on the website and here at Google.

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