Virtual reality training voor Air France

Virtual Reality training Paris CDG

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Air France trains its employees with VR

With virtual reality training, Air France will improve the knowledge of its (call center) employees about its main airport.

We have already produced the Schiphol VR Tour for KLM. Following on from that, we have now also made the Paris CDG VR Tour for Air France.

All call center employees can now, as part of their training, take a virtual look at the airport in Paris. They will learn about Air France’s routing, services and facilities, and can also see the newly renovated Business Lounge with their own eyes.

For call center employees in Manila, Mumbay, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile, for example, this is a fantastic addition to their training program because they had little idea what the airport looked like, but still had to talk or advise about it.

Gamification deepens the learning process

Like with the SPL VR Tour, we added a game to the Tour, not only to learn more and to test what has been learned, but also to have a fun competition between the different locations.


Virtual Reality, no VR glasses required

It is virtual but the special thing about this production is that it also works perfectly on all other screens. From our Schiphol VR Tour we know that more than 90% of the employees do the Tour on a desktop computer.

The Tours are optimized for the Oculus Go, which is currently our preferred VR glasses; initially we had started with the Google Cardboard solution.

High rating for virtual reality training

The virtual reality training has received a high rating from the employees, according to the research done by KLM after two years. Previously, KLM and Air France were only able to give a tour to the local employees, now all call center employees can take a look at the two most important airports in the network.



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