Paris CDG VR Tour – virtual reality training

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is Air France‘s main hub with over 35 million passengers per year passing through. Virtual Reality training is helping its staff to learn about all the services being delivered at the airport.

Call center employees worldwide must talk to Air France passengers and advise them on all kinds of matters that take place at the airport.

It is important for the airline that its employees know the ‘product’ well, including the airport. Unfortunately it is not possible for the 8,500 call center employees to visit the airport themselves and get a tour. Apart from the physical distance (call centers in Manila, Mumbai, Mauritius and Santiago de Chile for example) and the costs aspect, it is also a challenge to get airport permission for every visitor.

Virtual Reality is the best alternative: a virtual tour of the airport, and The Amsterdam VR Company created an extensive virtual reality training application about the airport.

Virtual reality training voor Air France

The Amsterdam VR Company developed a new virtual reality training for Air France, about its main airport Charles de Gaulle.

More than a Virtual Reality tour

We added lots of extra information to the Tour. First of all, there’s the trainer who tells a short substantive story during each stop. In addition, additional information buttons have been included in the tour with even more in-depth information about the services and processes of Air France.

We use gamification to stimulate the learning process. In the second part of the tour, which is about passengers who have to transfer, the employee has to answer a number of questions and is tested on his or her knowledge.

There is also an internal competition attached to it: the call center location and employee scoring the highest points at the end of the year will receives prizes at the next annual meeting.


Paris CDG VR Tour voor Air France

The Amsterdam VR Company developed a new virtual reality training for Air France, about its main airport Charles de Gaulle. It is more than just a tour: a lot of extra information is given by a trainer and through special information buttons.



Virtual Reality training for all platforms

Virtual Reality glasses are the best way to follow this tour. However, we know from our Analytics, that the call center employees do their training from their desktop or laptop computer.

That is why we have made the application suitable for viewing on all devices. We now know, from the KLM Schiphol VR Tour, that more than 85% of employees view the Tour on a desktop computer.


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