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Business photography, certified by Google

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After judging our work for companies such as KLM and Sotheby’s, The Amsterdam VR Company is now also officially certified by Google. This means that we can do business photography, 360 photos and Virtual Tours for the full Google platform.


Better Google profile, more customers

Your presentation at Google is very important. At their websites, many people start their search and most initial decisions are taken. For hotels and restaurants it can even be decisive whether a customer books with them or continues his of her search. Hence, an attractive online profile is vital.

Business photography Chateau St Gerlach

Business photography, slightly different

We think most online business photography can be done better. Very often we see that just the space is photographed. It lacks human feeling and it also doesn’t pay justice to the quality of the product or the atmosphere of the company.
People want to be inspired, also when searching on Google, and these emotional elements are a vital part for the presentation. Hence, they’re central in our approach which will deliver better results.

Business photography KLM Crown Lounge

Certified by Google

We’re very with our new badge and we’re going to quickly paint the badges on our cars 🙂


Business photography - trusted by Google

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