The power of VR and AR

Innovation continues

How can we help you? Developments are going fast and we are happy to help you stay informed. Not every new technological opportunity has to be followed, but you don't want to miss the relevant developments for your company. We are happy to help you with that.

Our focus

"As real as being there yourself"

Virtual Reality projects

With our multi-disciplinary approach, we'll tell your story in the best possible way. Your target group is always our first focus and, only then, we decide on the technique.

Augmented Reality projects

A toolbox full of possibilities to add a new layer to reality. From Hololens to mobile phones, and now also in the internet browser. We'll develop the idea and take care of the implementation.

Workshops, consultancy

As a presenter, moderator or brainstormer we can help your organisation. At a strategic level or with a specific project. With over 20 years experience as a Business Director, you will find a pragmatic sparring partner in us.

The development in VR/AR/XR is going very fast. We opt for a pragmatic approach in our advice to companies and organisations, where people take precedence over technology and with the aim of providing added value.

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Selection of our work

When VR is the best solution

With 20 years of experience at major communications agencies in Amsterdam and London, we know exactly how to tell and produce a good VR story.

For our product '3D Virtual Classroom' we would like to refer to our sister company VR-Spaces.

Our team

Creative and pragmatic

We have been making VR projects for the business market since 2016. 

Virtual training courses, virtual tours, virtual product presentations, virtual classrooms: if VR is the best solution, then we develop and implement an original solution. 

We handle the entire production, sometimes supplemented by external specialists.